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Refining industry can not leave zeolite roller mill

From : clirik    Date : 2015-03-04 11:19

Oil refining crude oil or other oils is subjected to distillation to change the molecular structure of a process, which is the cracking of crude oil and other internal combustion engines to comply with kerosene, gasoline, diesel and other fuels. In the oil refining industry, the zeolite roller mill equipment is indispensable.
So, what is zeolite mill, and how zeolite roller mill is used in the oil refining industry?
Zeolite is a mineral, in the burning will produce boiling. Zeolite is a new material, widely used in agriculture, defense and other sectors, and its use is continuing to explore. Zeolite is also used as ion exchangers, adsorption separation, drying agents, catalysts, cement admixture.
In the oil refining industry, the zeolite is used in the catalytic cracking of petroleum refining, chemical and oil hydrocracking isomerization, reforming, alkylation, disproportionation; gas and liquid purification, separation and storage agent; water softening, desalination agent ; special desiccant.
Zeolites are generally massive, but the zeolites used in the refining industry are powder, so you need to use zeolite roller mill to pulverize zeolite into powder and then use the powder.  Zeolite powder are used in separating some substance of oil refining, change the air pollution index, let them become clean.
However, the zeolite roller mill is not a particular mill milling equipment, the common Raymond roller mill, high pressure suspension powder grinder, super fine roller powder grinding mill and so on, can be used as zeolite grinding mill. The user can select the type according to the fineness of the mill to be ground, generally below 400 mesh can choose mill Raymond roller mill or high pressure suspension powder grinder, fineness higher than 400 mesh, then you can choose super fine roller powder grinding mill
As a professional milling machine manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik produces a series of milling equipment, production from small to large, from coarse to fine fineness, to meet different customer needs, welcome new and old customers to visit our plant site.

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