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Zeolites Applications/Uses

From : clirik    Date : 2015-02-03 15:21

Zeolite is a new material, widely used in industry, agriculture, defense and other sectors, and its use are continuing being explored. The main applications of zeolites include ion exchangers, adsorption separation, drying agents, catalysts, cement admixture.
In the petroleum, chemical industry, zeolite is used as petroleum refining catalytic cracking, hydrocracking and petroleum chemical isomerization, reforming, alkylation, disproportionation; gas and liquid purification, separation and storage agent; water softening, water desalination agent; special desiccant (dry air, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, etc.).
In light industry, zeolite is applied for the paper, synthetic rubber, plastics, resins, fillers and coating quality color.
In defense, space technology, ultra-high vacuum technology, the development of energy, electronics, etc., zeolite is used as a separating agent and desiccant adsorption.
In the building materials industry, zeolite is used as active hydraulic cement admixture, firing artificial lightweight aggregate, produce lightweight high-strength sheet metal and bricks.
In agriculture zeolite is used as a soil conditioner, can play a fertilizer, water, prevent pest effect. In Eastern Europe, Japan and Cuba zeolites have been traditionally used in agriculture. About a 5% addition to livestock rations reduces ammonia and odour emissions, improves feed utilisation, assists with mycotoxin absorption and may contribute trace elements. Several years ago NASA used nutrient loaded zeolites as slow release fertilisers.
In the livestock industry, zeolite is used as feed (pigs, chickens) additives and deodorants, can promote animal growth, improve chick survival. In a fish farm the load of the water with fish can be very high. This results in quick pollution of the water and as a result the concentrations of toxic substances can increase rapidly. Therefore extensive water purification is necessary. The zeolites can be used in various steps of the purification process: as a secondary filtration unit after biological purification and/or aeration; as a support material for bacteria; as a filter medium for the removal of solid and suspended particles and removal of unwanted ions at the same time.
In terms of environmental protection to deal with waste gas, waste water, removal or recycling of metal ions, zeolite is used to remove of radioactive contaminants in wastewater effluent from the wastewater.
Zeolites in medicine are used for the determination of blood and urinary nitrogen content. Zeolite was also developed as a health supplies for anti-aging, remove heavy metals accumulated in the body.
In industry production, zeolite is commonly used in sugar refining.
Zeolite is also widely used as new wall materials (aerated concrete blocks) materials. With the solid clay brick gradually leaving the stage, the proportion of new wall materials application has now reached 80% of the wall materials production enterprises to gangue, fly ash, ceramic, slag, light industrial waste, heavy construction waste and zeolite based materials, and actively develop new wall materials.
In Distillation or heating chemical experiment, zeolite is also used to prevent bumping, because the structure of the zeolite which have a large number of small holes, can be used as the bubble condensation nuclei, the reaction solution stable boiling. 

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