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Non-metal Ore Introduction

From : clirik    Date : 2014-08-15 11:26

A quartz 
    Quartz glass with high purity quartz (2000 to 600,000 yuan / ton), the electrical industry with high-purity quartz (2000 to 40,000 yuan / ton), filtered through quartz sand (300 to 1500 yuan / ton), the oil industry by fracturing sand ( 500 to 2000 yuan / ton), ferroalloy with silica, glass sand, sand and so on. Second, feldspar 
    Glass, ceramics, welding, technical glass, glazed with feldspar, high brightness filler with feldspar (5000 yuan / ton) and so on. Third, brucite 
    Retardants (1200 ~ 8000 yuan / ton), cementitious materials, chemical materials, fertilizers, refractories, insulation materials (1000 ~ 4000 yuan / ton) and so on. Fourth, kaolin 
    Paper with kaolin (1200 ~ 3000 yuan / ton), the catalyst with kaolin (500 to 2500 yuan / ton), enamel with kaolin (1200 ~ 3000 yuan / ton), calcined kaolin (2000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), filler kaolin , ceramic kaolin, coating kaolin. Five, bentonite 
    Nanomaterials with montmorillonite (3000 ~ 8000 yuan / ton), organic bentonite (8000 to 17,000 yuan / ton), pillared soil (20,000 to 80,000 yuan / ton), ceramic bentonite, bentonite pellets metallurgy, casting bentonite, bentonite mud, bentonite gel, bentonite thickening paint, high-purity bentonite. Six, wollastonite 
    High whiteness wollastonite, wollastonite ceramics, reinforced with needle wollastonite (1500 to 10,000 yuan / ton), metallurgical wollastonite filler. 
Seven, calcite (TSP) 
    GCC paper grade, food grade TSP (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), packing grade GCC, GCC and other feed grade. Eight, barite 
    Filler grade barite (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), chemical grade barite, drilling grade barite, barite radiation level (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), acid grade barite (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton). Nine, illite 
    Ceramic grade illite, illite grade paper (800 to 3000 yuan / ton), cosmetic grade illite. Ten, zeolite 
    Grade zeolite materials, feed-grade zeolite, environmental grade zeolite, detergent grade zeolite catalysis grade zeolite. XI, meerschaum 
    Mud grade sepiolite, sepiolite adsorbent level, insulation level meerschaum (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), feed-grade sepiolite, paint grade sepiolite (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), nano-materials, etc. . Twelve, palygorskite (attapulgite) 
    Mud level palygorskite, palygorskite adsorbent grade, feed grade palygorskite, paint grade palygorskite (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), insulation class palygorskite (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), nano-scale slope palygorskite (2000 ~ 8000 yuan / ton) and so on. Thirteen, sericite 
    Reinforced grade sericite (2000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), UV sericite (2000 ~ 8000 yuan / ton), ceramic grade sericite, cosmetic grade sericite (3000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), tire grade sericite. 
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XIV, mica 
    Electrical grade mica, paint grade mica (1000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), pearlescent mica (5000 to 25,000 yuan / ton), welding grade mica, reinforced mica (2000 ~ 5000 yuan / ton), mica and other special purposes. Fifteen, gypsum 
    Used as gelling materials, gypsum, cement raw materials, manufacturing molds, paper industry, food industry, fertilizers, fillers and the like. Sixteen, perlite, pine rock, obsidian rock 
    Insulation materials, light building materials, filter aids, fillers, agriculture, glass, ceramic materials, abrasives, etc. Seventeen, vermiculite 
    Lightweight fireproof building materials, insulation materials, acoustic insulation materials, insulation refractories, fire retardant paint, gardening materials, foundry slag materials, environmentally friendly materials. Eighteen, pyrophyllite 
    Refractory, ceramic materials, glass fiber materials, white cement, fillers, pesticide carrier, synthetic diamond pressure transmission medium (1000 ~ 8000 yuan / ton) and so on. Nineteen, olivine 
    Refractories, foundry sand, blasting materials, fertilizers, and other precious stones. Twenty, zircon 
    Refractories, foundry sand, technical glass, ceramic opacifiers, nuclear industrial raw materials, corrosion industry, paint industry. Twenty-one, garnet 
    Abrasive materials, mud weighting agents, fillers, water filtration media, airport runways, highways slippery roads. XXII, diatomite 
    Filter material, matting agents, industrial fillers, catalyst supports, reinforcements, insulation materials, cement active admixture, flexible abrasives, animal feed, pesticides and fertilizers carriers, anti-caking agents, mud ingredients. Twenty-three, rectories 
    Mud materials, catalyst carrier, the coating suspension, the ceramic binder, nano-materials, pharmaceutical carrier. Twenty-four, talc 
    Filler paper, rubber filler, ceramic materials, refractory materials, paint pigments, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives. XXV, corundum 
    Abrasives, refractories, highway slip materials, gemstones. Twenty-six, graphite 
    Refractories, electronic materials, wear-lubricating materials, sealing materials, corrosion-resistant materials, radiation protection materials, low thermal conductivity materials, high-temperature insulation materials, antistatic materials, paint and so on. Twenty-seven, chrysotile asbestos 
    Asbestos textiles, friction materials, sealing materials, thermal insulation materials, filter materials, reinforced materials, corrosion-resistant materials. Twenty-eight, lapis lazuli 
    Picture Tubes, steel desulfurization dephosphorization agent, reducing agent refractory metals, alloys off the lead agent, pyrotechnic flares colorants, capacitor, welding, grease, soap, ceramic glaze ingredients, sugar and pharmaceutical industry additives, industrial packing , soda, etc. Twenty-nine, serpentine 
    Fertilizer ingredients, smelting flux, refractories, building materials, fillers, arts and crafts materials, anti-nuclear radiation materials, heat-resistant corrosion-resistant materials. Thirty, limestone 
    Building materials, cement raw materials, calcium silicate materials, carbide materials, steel flux, alkali materials, fillers, light calcium raw materials, environmental protection materials. 
Thirty-one, alunite 
    Production of aluminum sulfate, extracted alum, food additives, paper industry, leather industry, preparation of potash, water purification materials, oil bleaching and deodorization. 
Thirty-two, boron and magnesium stone 
    System boron raw materials, heat-resistant glass materials, glass fiber materials, pharmaceutical industry, boron carbide materials, enamel glazes, fireproof materials, chemical raw materials. 
Thirty-three, pyrite 
    Manufacture of sulfuric acid, carbon disulfide, gunpowder, pesticides, rubber curing agents, dyes and other products of raw materials, sulfur is a chemical raw material in almost all areas of the national economy. Thirty-four, fluorite 
    Metallurgical industry flux, slagging agent, enamel whitening, fluorine chemicals, cement clinker mineralizing agent, the glass industry flux, emulsifiers and the like. Thirty-five, diopside 
    Low temperature fast firing ceramic materials, powder metallurgy, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal foundry sand, fillers and the like. Thirty-six, tremolite 
    Low temperature fast firing ceramic materials, powder metallurgy, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal foundry sand, reinforcing fillers and the like. Thirty-seven, bauxite 
    Aluminum raw materials, abrasive materials, cement raw materials, refractory materials, chemical raw materials, such as aluminum. Thirty-eight, magnesite 
    Refractories, building materials, adhesive materials, insulation materials, chemicals, fertilizers, feed, purification materials, refined metal magnesium. Thirty-nine, dolomite 
    Metallurgical flux, refractories, building materials, adhesive materials, insulation materials, chemicals, fertilizers, feed, purification materials, refined metal magnesium. 
Forty, kyanite, andalusite, sillimanite 
    Refractories, chemical resistant materials, silicon aluminum alloy materials, foundry coatings, refractoriness up 1650OC cement, ceramic raw materials. 
Forty-one, hectorite, zinc soap stone 
    Colloidal materials, high temperature lubricating material, absorbent material, antibacterial materials. Forty-two, leucite 
    Special ceramic materials, fertilizer, environmental materials. Forty-three, chromite, chrome spinel 
    Refractory, metallurgical materials, foundry sand, chromium and other chemical raw materials. Forty-four, diamond 
    Precious stones, diamond tools, diamond wire drawing dies, diamond drill bits, diamond saw blades, diamond laser materials, electronic components diamond, diamond polishing materials. Forty-five, Iceland spar 
    Crafts, optical elements. Forty-six, Glauber 
    Paper industry, detergent industry, glass industry, dye industry, food industry, other chemical industries. Forty-seven, apatite 
    Fertilizer raw material, phosphorus chemicals, detergents, pesticides, feed, environmental materials, dyes and the like. Forty-eight, rutile, ilmenite 
    Titanium dioxide pigments, titanium, welding coating, stainless steel, titanium, chemical raw materials, precious stones, and other optical components. Forty-nine, spodumene, lepidolite, lithium feldspar 
    Glass ceramic materials, ceramic materials, battery materials, welding coating, lithium chemicals, refrigerants, such as adsorbent. Fifty, loud rock, white rock grains 
    Glass ceramic raw materials. Fifty-one, brick clay, shale brick. Fifty-two, clay ceramic materials. Fifty-three, construction aggregate construction aggregates. Fifty-four, rail railroad ballast aggregate. Fifty-five, stone 
    Architectural decoration materials, process materials, acid materials, equipment components. Fifty-six, nepheline syenite 
    Technical glass nepheline syenite, ceramic glaze with nepheline syenite, high brightness filler with nepheline syenite (1000 yuan / ton). Fifty-seven, dickite 
    Paper land dickite (1200 ~ 3000 yuan / ton), enamel land dickite (1200 ~ 3000 yuan / ton), fillers land open stone, ceramic land dickite, paints land dickite. Fifty-eight, pumice 
    Construction of lightweight aggregate, insulation materials, cement active admixture, abrasive, filter materials, asphalt modified materials, fertilizer and pesticide carrier. Fifty-nine, manganese 
    Disinfectants, glass ceramic colorants, batteries, chemicals, fertilizers, and other environmentally friendly materials. Sixty, glauconite 
    Fertilizers and soil conditioners, water treatment, pigments, and other environmentally friendly materials. Sixty-one, tourmaline 
    Water purification agents, negative oxygen ions generating agent (5000 to 60,000 yuan / ton), far infrared health materials (5000 to 100,000 yuan / ton), environmental protection materials. Sixty-two, agate 
    Crafts, abrasive materials. Sixty-three, concrete alkali aggregate

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