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How To Install And Commission Pendulum Grinding Mill?

From : clirik    Date : 2017-03-07 10:10

Powder grinding mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other fields, making mineral products drilling and processing.Powder grinding mill is divided into vertical swing grinding mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure powder grinding mill, straight centrifugal grinding mill, overpressure trapezium grinding mill, tricyclic medium speed grinding mill.Our theme is how to install and commission pendulum grinding mill.
First, the pendulum grinding mill before installation.When pendulum grinding mill was brought to the scene, which is not installed and used temporarily, pendulum grinding mill should be properly kept, to avoid the pendulum grinding mill rust after sun and rain.The pendulum is grinding mill surface exposed which need to be coated with rust-proof grease, but also to establish a regular maintenance system.According to the specific situation and combined with the basis of the map, reinforcement is configured with high-grade cement, and buried a good threading tube.The installation site of the pendulum grinding mill should be equipped with lifting tools for maintenance, the main components of the pendulum grinding mill, easy to clean and check generally from the factory to the use of time not more than six months.After cleaning and inspection, transmission parts should be smeared with sufficient grease.

Second, the installation of the pendulum grinding mill. Putting the base of the reducer into the foundation pit, the bottom plane filled at first, using level to flatten the plane A.The drive is mounted on the plane A and is bolted.And then follow the normal process to install a pendulum grinding mill.It should be noted, the location and height of the piping unit should be installed in accordance with the drawing.Commissioning and operating procedures for pendulum grinding mill.In accordance with the requirements of the steering, the host empty load test run time is not less than 1h.When the host air load is running, e roller device should be tightened with a steel wire rope to avoid contact with the pendulum grinding mill, such as unconditional, can also remove the roller device.The size of the analyzer bevel gear should be kept smooth, there is no abnormal sound, and to ensure that the oil is smooth.We should observe the direction of the slower rotation, there is no abnormal sound and vibration, rolling the maximum temperature is not more than 700c, the temperature does not exceed 350c.
Third, the grinding process of the pendulum grinding mill.Before starting the pendulum grinding mill, you should check all the maintenance, should make him tightly closed.Starting bucket elevator.Before the jaw crusher is not activated, we should check whether the jaw slab meets the feed size requirements, and whether there are hard objects such as iron in the middle of the jaw plate.Start the analysis machine, and adjust the speed of the motor, so that the speed of the analysis machine spindle can meet the requirements of the finished product fineness.Start the blower, so that a certain pressure air through the return box into the host, and take the finely baked material away.Through the drive device to drive the plum rack on the roller device, around the central axis of rotation, into the grinding process.In the moment of starting the host, that the electromagnetic vibration feeder immediately, and adjust the amount of material, will be able to quantify the storage hopper material. Sent to the host of the grinding room uniformly, grinding work began.
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