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Vertical Roller Mill Application and Its Processing Material

From : clirik    Date : 2014-11-04 11:09

Vertical Roller mill produced by Clirik  shaft impact crushers, also called sand making machines and Raymond roller mill, are super  fine crusher styles based on the principle of impact and grinding action. Vertical shaft impact crushers are appropriate for various situations, especially for crushing brittle, hard and dry materials with Mor's hardness less than 8.5, humidity less than 10%.  Vertical shaft impact crushers give uniform product size which are the best available choice for artificial sand making of construction, irrigation projects, building and mining industrials. Vertical roller mill shaft impact crushers would work steady and sound for many years as long as users check and maintain it timely.
Vertical  Roller shaft impact crushers and its application.
Varous Industrial Applications of the Limestone and the Calcium Carbonate 
The calcium carbonate has a chemical compound with the formula CaCO3. Which is a basic industrial materials, and easy to get it from extensive rocks such as calcite, limestone, gypsum, marble.

The calcium carbonate has the characters such as the whiteness, compact structure, poorly soluble in water, soluble in acid, less impurity and low DOP Oil Absorption. Under these characters, the calcium carbonate powder as the important fillers is widely used in the different industries. Please see the powder application in the each industries,

1. In the rubber industry
It can enlarge the rubber dimension, increase processability, Half reinforcing or reinforcing effect, and also adjust the rubber's hardness.
2. In the building and construction industry
It  is mianly used in the door, celling, floor, carble ect. Which has the resistance to heating, chimcal corrosion, cold, sound proof and easy processing etc.
3. In the painting Industry
It is as the skeleton function, and increase the whiteness. 
4. In the plastic industry
It can enlarge plastic dimension, reduce the cost, improve the stability, hardness and rigidit, resistance heating etc. With the vertical roller mill, its very suitable to process the material into super fineness.
5. In the paper industry
It has the high whiteness,hydrophilia, impact stength characters, which be the important filler.
Mostly it is the common processing way to get the calcium carbonate by the roller grinding mill. There Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd can supply the powder grinding mill to process the various materials into 3-0.005 mm particles. Which can meet different customer's reqeust.

Impact crusher provide fine particle sharp, it’s the biggest advantage of impact crusher. Impact crusher can crush big limestone, shale, sandstone, granite into polygonal gravel,because polygonal gravel combines well with cement so it’s best aggregate in high-class construction such as highway, high-rise and dam.
But in high hardness material crushing such as cobble, it’s hard to crush them and flat hammer, liner plate even whole crusher will be damaged. In order to avoid this, we usually use con crusher instead of impact crusher then send the crushed gravel to impact crusher. Though do this will costs more than use impact crusher, but this runs much steady and maintenance is much lower than before, so it will get the best capacity.

Therefore, choosing the vertical roller mill is the most wise decision when processing the calcium carbonate super fine powder. Vertical roller mill is the right choice of super fine powder manufacturer.

Date: November, 4th, 2014

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