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The Earthquake in Ludian, Yunnnan province on 3th, August

From : clirik    Date : 2014-08-05 16:48

    Two days ago, the earthquake in Ludian,Yunnan province on 3th,August has caused the death of 404 people. Clirik staffs heard this news on TV and stood in silent tribute to these victims. The disaster can tumble our houses, however, it can never mentally tumble us. Though  we Clirik staffs only work to produce zeolite roller mills and such fine mills like that, we are still caring about our compatriots in disaster. Although we are poor workers, we are willing to spare and donate our money for the rescue to victims.
  The most pain relieving thing is that our premier Li Keqiang went to the earthquake area and led the rescuing action. We believe Ludian will recover from this cataclysm soon.

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