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Why Your Raymond Roller Mill is of Low output?

From : clirik    Date : 2017-04-29 09:14

Many customers will ask that why their Raymond roller mill will always be low output, whether they can increase the rotation speed and make the fineness in the ideal range. Generally speaking, to increase the rotation speed and output of Raymond roller mill and control fineness is different. Now let me tell you why your Raymond roller mill is of low output?

Firstly, the rotation speed of your Raymond roller mill is too low. If the rotation speed is too low, it can not reach the grinding capacity. We can not elevate the height. Secondly, if the rotation speed is too high, it will generate centrifugal force, which not only increases the output and fineness but also greatly lower the capacity and product fineness without using grinding mill capacity.

In order to increase the output of your Raymond roller mill, first you can choose the better segment-level. If the segment-level is too small, it can not reach the normal design capacity, which will add the product cost. Secondly we should adjust the equipment. If we want to increase capacity, we should enhance the technology. Only if we add something small we can greatly increase the capacity.

In nowadays market condition only if we lower the cost and increase capacity can the manufacturer potential development and rapidly explore the market. Shanghai Clirik Machinery is specialized in producing Raymond roller mill, if you are interested in our machine, please leave me your E-mail here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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