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Compare with Other Grinding Mills, What's Advantages the Raymond Roller Mill Has

From : clirik    Date : 2018-06-20 09:35

As we all know the the Raymond roller mill is one of traditional stone powder grinding mills. However, with the development of technology, the Raymond roller mill also changed a lot, and compare with the common grinding mills, the Raymond roller mill also has lots of advantages.

Raymond roller mill

1. Raymond roller mill adopts air clutch or hydraulic soft starting, which can realize subsection starting of main motor and cylinder of Raymond Mill , thus reducing the installed power, and the starting current is reduced from the 6.5 times to 2.5 times.

2. Raymond roller mill adopts static hydraulic bearing or all hydraulic bearing, and these two kinds of bearing all can effectively avoid 'bearing burning', thus improving the service life of the bearings. Static hydraulic bearing uses high-low pressure oil station union lubrication, and the starting and stoppage of the machine uses high pressure oil for lubrication and normal operation of the machine adopts low pressure oil for lubrication. All hydraulic bearing adopts high pressure oil buoyancy lift rotary part in the whole working process.

3. The bearing types include single tile belt, single tile high-lead bronze and slipper bearing.

4. The driving types include synchronous machine single drive, asynchronous machine single drive, synchronous machine dual drive, asynchronous machine dual drive and circumferential motor gear drive.

5. Some spare parts adopt new wear-resisting materials, such as the lining board, feeding and discharging bushing and bearing tile, thus improving the service life of the quick-wear parts.

6. Raymond roller mill adopts new processing technology, which simplifies the process flow.

7. Raymond roller mill is equipped with auxiliary machines such as micro dragging machine and lifting device.

8. Raymond roller mill is optimized in the structure of the grinding mill.

9.Raymond roller mill improves the automatic control level and adopts PLC control which has the functions of sound-light alarm and fault diagnosis and realizes electronic hydraulic control integration.

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