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How do limestone companies find breakthroughs in the future market?

From : clirik    Date : 2019-01-12 16:24

Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral and is a valuable resource for a wide range of uses. China is one of the countries with rich limestone resources in the world. According to the statistics of the former National Building Materials Bureau Geological Center, the distribution area of ​​limestone in China is 438,000 km2 (excluding Tibet and Taiwan), accounting for about 1/20 of the country's land area.
As a basic raw material for metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, medicine, agriculture and environmental protection industries, lime has the characteristics of wide application range and large usage. However, the implementation of the new environmental protection law on January 1, 2015 has had a major impact on the lime downstream application industry. In 2018, it ushered in a tough battle to eliminate backward lime production capacity.
At present, China's limestone industry is facing many problems.
Process equipment behind
The current situation of lime production in China is relatively backward. According to the National Development and Reform Commission's "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (Revised Edition of 2013)", calcined limestone kiln and limestone shaft kiln are backward production equipment and should be eliminated.
Small business scale
Variety structure imbalance
Limestone deep processing products include calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc. Among them, calcium oxide is the front end product of lime deep processing, and its subsequent processing calcium carbonate series products. At present, China's lime industry production is still dominated by low-end products.
Although China's lime industry has made some explorations in its development in recent years, it has also achieved certain practical results. However, compared with the requirements of the state for industrial transformation and development, compared with foreign advanced indicators, there is still a gap.
In the face of many pressures, how should companies move forward in the future?
While doing the main business of strong lime production, we must plan for the development of multi-industry. It is an important way for lime production enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading under the new normal, and it is also a long-term and arduous strategic task faced by lime production enterprises.
Eliminate backward production capacity, mergers and acquisitions, and increase industrial concentration
China's lime industry has maintained rapid growth, and the overall equipment level has been continuously improved. However, it still faces a large number of enterprises, a small scale of operation, and low industrial concentration. A considerable number of enterprises adopt backward production processes, and their deep processing capabilities are weak. Strong, the quality of the products produced is poor, the product structure is irrational, the product processing cost is high and the labor productivity is low, and the competitiveness gap between enterprises is large.
Continuously extend the industrial chain and increase the added value of products
From the perspective of limestone processing products, limestone deep processing products are calcium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc., of which calcium oxide is an intermediate product of deep processing of lime. Calcium oxide is an important raw material for chemical, non-ferrous metal smelting and calcium carbide, building materials, agriculture, environmental protection and other industries. Because calcium oxide has the characteristics of moisture absorption and good blowing performance, calcium oxide can be used as a flue gas desulfurizer for thermal power plants in the power industry; it can be used as an additive for sinter in the steel industry, a slagging agent for steelmaking, and a preheating agent for iron and steel. Desulfurization and dephosphorization agents used in the treatment, and refining slags for different purposes and various continuous casting slags adjusted according to steel grades, etc., according to the composition of the molten steel after refining and the specifications of the finished product.
Strengthen internal management, reduce production costs, and improve the comprehensive utilization of resources
Although China's limestone resources are abundant, limestone mining is still dominated by private enterprises. In the process of production and processing, enterprises only focus on the use of high value-added products that can bring benefits to enterprises, ignoring the tailings produced by mining. At the same time, due to the backward production process, it is difficult to recycle and rationally use the waste residue, waste water and waste heat generated in the production process. As the national environmental protection efforts continue to increase, the transformation of economic development mode and the implementation of sustainable development have become the primary tasks of enterprise development. Therefore, in the future, enterprises should adjust the product structure, accelerate scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, reduce the production cost of enterprises, and realize the comprehensive utilization of by-products in order to obtain the market survival space of enterprises.

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