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How to Change the Wearing Grinding Rollers of Raymond Roller Mill?

From : clirik    Date : 2017-12-11 11:25

Grinding rollers are the main spare parts of Raymond roller mill. The grinding rollers’ surface will form tiny and dense helical gears after being drawn, endowing with strong grinding capacity. When the grinding roller gears is wearing, the working efficiency will obviously decrease.
Raymond roller mill

At this time, we can change the fast roller with slow roller or turn around the slow roller to arrange the dull to the sharp. When the working capacity is further decrease, we should turn around the fast roller to arrange the sharp to sharp side.

According to above circumstances, if you need to disassemble grinding roller of Raymond roller mill, you should firstly disassemble the shield, triangle belt, flat belt and double belt wheel on the left side. Then disassemble the gear box, then pull-rod spring, the grinding door, the bearing pedestal elements.

Raymond roller mill

At this time, you can slightly fetch out the rollers from grinding door. If you need to install the upgraded grinding rollers, the steps will be opposite. Before installing, you should clean out the rollers of Raymond roller mill and coat with engine oil. The bolts and nuts need to be coated with appropriate engine oil as well.

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