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Heavy calcium carbonate roller mill equipment and technical performance

From : clirik    Date : 2015-03-30 11:04

Heavy calcium carbonate (GCC) roller mill dry ultrafine grinding and processing equipment mainly mature by grinding and grading equipment consisting of powder equipment. Heavy calcium carbonate roller mill grinding equipment mainly includes Raymond roller mill, vertical roller mill and ultra fine calcium carbonate roller mill. Grading equipment is mainly used forced vortex impeller manufactured principle superfine grader. The following, we will introduce Raymond roller mill, vertical roller mill and ultra fine calcium carbonate roller mill equipment and technical performance.
Calcium carbonate Raymond roller mill + classifier process
Calcium carbonate Raymond roller mill are crushed materials with rolling mill rolls motor driven centrifugal pressure material squeezing each other at low speeds, friction and shear crushing impact with intermittent grinding effect. 400 meshes ended following products both in terms of investment or consumption Raymond has a great advantage. But crushed compacted powder principle determines the relatively small amount of Raymond mill produced. For example less than 10um in 400 mesh powder in the powder only to about 36%. Raymond mill is usually applied to transform or superfine grading system can also produce ultra-fine 800-1250 purpose products. But because the powder content is low, with Raymond mill producing 800 meshes ultrafine GCC, its production capacity is too small.
Calcium carbonate vertical roller mill machine + grader Process
Calcium carbonate vertical roller machine (referred to as vertical mill) grinding mechanism and Raymond mill similar to belong compacted crushed. Due to pressure grinding roll is to use high-pressure hydraulic way, roller compaction pressure to increase the number of times the material is even greater, so the grinding efficiency is much better than Raymond, is now mass-produced mainstream TSP one of the devices. Common vertical milling machine is mainly used for the two-roll structure below 400 mesh powder production. Later, the development of three vertical roller mill fines content has been greatly improved, but still generally below 600 mesh manufacture disposable products better. After the upper part of the transformation grader can directly produce ultra-fine powders 1250 mesh. To get more detailed product, you can use vertical milling machine production of the desired product 600-1000 grader comes superfine grade production of secondary products over 1250 projects.
Ultra fine calcium carbonate roller mill + classifier process
Ultra fine calcium carbonate roller mill also know as Three-rings roller mill, four-rings roller mill, which mill the raw material by physical strength, the roller number from 21-44 pieces. The output size can get D97 2500 mesh, that is 5 micron, the output size can adjusted from 30 to 2500 mesh. In addition, ultra fine calcium carbonate roller mill use pulse bag filter, to collect the fine powder. Of particular note is our artificial marble (also known as post rock) huge industry capacity, the industry's demand for calcium carbonate powder is growing rapidly. Production process characteristics vertical milling machine is very suitable for artificial marble calcium carbonate production needs, it is very convenient to control the particle size distribution or modified to add additives.

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