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The Three Reasons Cause the Three Roll Mill Badly Worn

From : clirik    Date : 2013-09-30 16:33

The three roll mill is used in processing minerals such as material hardness, in the long-term production process, some mill parts wear faster, affect the production efficiency. Clirik three roll mill expert explanation, for you the cause of mill wear, in the usual maintenance process completes the inspection and maintenance work, ensure the normal operation

1. The influence of the abrasive hardness

Abrasive hardness on the material had significant effect on the wear rate. The degree of this influence mainly material hardness of H., and abrasive hardness h. the ratio of the marked, with H. / H. changes, material wear mechanism of three roll mill will change.

2. The influence of the abrasive size shape

Abrasive shape (sharp) also have obvious shadow. To wear new broken compared with quartz sand and river sand, new broken quartz sand on the material wear is more severe.

3. The influence of material mechanical properties

Materials can affect the wear of mechanical: macro hardness and elastic modulus, surface hardness, strength, plasticity and fracture toughness, etc. Industrial bridle resistance of pure metal and its elastic modulus is proportional to the. But the relationship does not apply to heat treatment of steel, while not changing the elastic modulus of material, heat treatment, but will make its wear resistance is greatly increased.

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