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The advent of the Era of Industry of Science and Technology

From : clirik    Date : 2013-09-09 15:09

In 2012, the trend of the development of three roll mill can be summarized as follows: high yield, energy saving, green and environmental protection. Is significantly higher yield of super fine crushing equipment, energy-saving equipment as far as possible to reduce the power consumption, green environmental protection is to focus on product environment attributes, such as: the use of resources, environmental impact, removable and recyclable, reusable, etc.

Shanghai Clirik is the famous domestic superfine three roll mill manufacturing enterprises, over the years with several scientific research institution cooperation, adhere to the introduction of advanced technology and independent innovation, make the design and development capability has reached the domestic first-class international leading level. In the future Clirik engineers think super fine crushing equipment improvement mainly in three aspects:

One, the existing method of three roll mill technology on the basis of perfect better ultra-fine crushing strength of superfine grinding and particle size distribution, particle crystal adjust control technology.

Second, the existing three roll mill equipment technology in common: environmental pollution, waste material. How to improve the mechanical mill to save many problems solve superfine wood powder machine research and development of enterprise, to overcome technical direction. Price to provide customers with high efficiency, low cost, small particle size, particle size limit controllability and good dispersibility, little secondary pollution grading equipment advanced superfine grinding equipment.

Third, the existing domestic three roll mill performance testing standard evaluation method is not unified, superfine grinding equipment enterprises should unified industry standards, provide users with real and effective reference standard.

Innovation is a field of a nation, is the enterprise survival and development of the fundamental. 2012 Clirik three roll mill comprehensive upgrade "green design" concept, to break through the green barriers, realize the green design, seiko spy, perfect service, welcome the advent of the era of Chinese flour milling equipment industry science and technology.

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