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The Prospect of Calcium Carbonate Roller Mill

From : clirik    Date : 2014-07-25 11:19

    Calcium Carbonate Roller Millroller powder grinding mill, Raymond roller mill, three-ring roller mill is one of the most hot-sale products with high efficiency, high fineness, reliable,safety and many advatages. Why Calcium Carbonate Roller Mill sell so well?

    It is learned that the world's calcium carbonate total production capacity has reached 45 million tons, among them light calcium which has reached 10 million tons, heavy calcium carbonate reach 35 million tons. Over the past few years, the European calcium carbonate industry has a very big change occurred. As paper, paint and plastics sharp rise in the amount of calcium carbonate filler. 
    In the past five years, demand in North America for the PCC's annual growth rate of 7%. At present, the domestic paper industry is the application of the most developed areas of the country the potential of calcium carbonate. Light calcium as filler paper, paper products can improve the whiteness and opacity, can reduce the pulp mill consumption, significantly reducing production costs. Coastal development in open areas, many of the new expansion of foreign paper and medium-sized enterprises have adopted a neutral process, accompanying with the development of these industries, light calcium consumption will grow steadily, the market outlook.

    In China, with Shanghai as the center of Jiangsu, Zhejiang coastal economically developed areas, rubber, plastics, ink, paper products processing industry high level, the greater the demand for light calcium and high quality requirements, the main demand of ultra-fine calcium, ultra-fine calcium, high value-added calcium carbonate for paper making. With a number of large, extra large paper mills in the coastal areas of foreign investment put into operation, marking China's paper with the application of calcium carbonate into a new stage.
    As a professional Calcium Carbonate Roller Mill, roller powder grinding mill, Raymond roller mill, three-ring roller mill manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik launched a series of high-quality, stable performance stone grinding equipments, and provides a variety of high quality accessories,  creative design and installation services.
If you have any questions about calcium carbonate roller millroller powder grinding mill, Raymond roller mill, three-ring roller mill, please contact with us. Your satisfaction is our persuiting.
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