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Clirik Three Roll Mill of Energy Saving and Environment Prot

From : clirik    Date : 2013-10-25 11:09

With the development of China's economy by leaps and bounds, mill mining machinery industry has been relying on cheap labor advantage and environment at the expense of extensive development phase, comply with the international development trend of low carbon economy, Three Roll Mill industry are actively to explore the development path of energy conservation and environmental protection. This is not only the governments at all levels need to further change ideas, is also the general milling machine manufacturing enterprises need to further emancipate the mind, open field of vision, need more to the development of international strategic vision to treat industry.

Clirik has long focused on the design of the Three Roll Mill and research and development, in promoting energy conservation and environmental protection under the new situation, the company under the premise of guarantee the flour mill production, continuously expand the application field of pulverizer, successively developed can be used in the recycling of industrial waste slag powder grinding machine, grinder mill of fly ash and water slag, which can be used to recycle to industrial slag, tailings, fly ash and other industrial wastes, creates the good economic benefits.

In the recycling of fly ash, for example: after grinding machining for superfine powder of fly ash is mainly used to produce fly ash cement, fly ash brick, fly ash, silicon.

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