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How to identify the quality of the crusher

From : clirik    Date : 2019-01-26 09:43

Summary:With the continuous development of the mining machinery industry, the demand for crushers is also growing, and there are many types of crushing equipment and cr

With the continuous development of the mining machinery industry, the demand for crushers is also growing, and there are many types of crushing equipment and crusher manufacturers on the market. Faced with many crushers, many customers have difficulty in choosing, or prefer to measure the quality of a crusher by price. Such a risk is relatively large, and it may cost a high price to buy one that is not suitable or of poor quality. machine. Here, we summed up some experiences on the quality of the crusher to share with you.
1. Look at the crusher material
In general, the main raw material for the crusher is steel. Therefore, when judging the quality of the crusher, first look at the steel, the same crusher, the difference in steel, that is, the cost of raw materials directly determines the quality of the crusher, and directly affects the price of the crusher. Generally good steel, looks thicker, has a smooth surface, and has less impurities. This key is still judged by experience.
2. Look at the crusher work
Look at the workmanship, mainly to see the structure and shape of the crusher equipment itself, as well as some details, such as steel plate welding is not smooth, clean, seamless, it turns out that the cracker has a shorter life. Because the material inside the crusher moves at a high speed and the pressure is strong, if there is a gap, the gap will become large, so that the life of the crusher is short. The crusher with good workmanship symbolizes that its quality is more stable and reliable.
3. See the price of the crusher
Price is the embodiment of value, and price is directly proportional to value. The price of the crusher is also proportional to the quality of the crusher. The quality of a crusher with a slightly higher price will be better under normal conditions, so the customer should not only pay attention to the price but ignore the quality of the crusher when choosing the crusher. The price of the crusher is not the same. The price often varies greatly. Don't be tempted to lose money for a long time.
4. Look at the strength of the crusher manufacturers
The strength of the crusher manufacturers here mainly refers to the comprehensive strength of economic strength, technical strength and professional ability. When selecting the crusher, the customer must fully understand the comprehensive situation of the manufacturer. When conditions permit, it is best to go to the crusher manufacturer to visit and inspect the scale, workshop and production site. It is possible for a strong company to produce better quality crushing equipment. In addition, you can also go to his customer site to understand the operation of the crusher equipment and listen to the customer's evaluation of the equipment. The quality of the customer's evaluation is guaranteed.
5. Look at the crusher after sale
When it comes to after-sales, this is closely related to the choice of manufacturers. Therefore, it is best to choose a large professional crusher manufacturer, so that after the sale is guaranteed. The average manufacturer must know the quality of the crusher himself, so that the plan after the sale will be made according to this situation. The general large crusher manufacturers will provide a longer after-sales service, which can guarantee the warranty within one year, but some crushers. Manufacturers can only provide short-term warranty services, such as half a year, three months, etc., because they do not guarantee the quality of their products. 

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