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How to Choose a Right Raymond Mill?

From : clirik    Date : 2019-01-26 09:43

Summary:Raymond mill can be used for grinding limestone, calcite, granite and other ores. Raymond Mill is a common mechanical equipment for ore grinding.

Raymond mill can be used for grinding limestone, calcite, granite and other ores. Raymond Mill is a common mechanical equipment for ore grinding. With the increasingly fierce competition in the price of Raymond mill, facing many manufacturers and various Raymond mills, how can users choose the appropriate grinding equipment?

With many small processing factories and illegal enterprises, in order to obtain customers in the market competition and blindly reduce production costs, Raymond mill accessories without guaranteed quality are adopted, which reduces the equipment purchase cost of customers.The result of this phenomenon is that customers will invest more maintenance costs in future production, which seriously delays production. Therefore, customers must recognize the regular Raymond mill manufacturers, when choosing and purchasing equipment, we must pay attention to the quality, before placing an order, we need to have a certain understanding.

Of course, choosing the suitable Ramond mill and other grinding equipment can start from several aspects, as long as these principles are mastered, there is no pressure when purchasing the Raymond mill.

  • Principle 1: The attributes of the ground material. The choice of grinder depends mainly on the nature of the material it will be used for processing.
  • Principle 2: Capacity of Raymond Mill. The scale of operation will determine the size, throughput or capacity of the mill required, usually before purchase, so that appropriate mill equipment can be purchased.
  • Principle 3: Cost, that is, the price of Raymond mill. Cost is an important factor, and the economy has always been a big problem. Before choosing and purchasing mills, make a good budget and keep prices within acceptable range.
  • Principle 4: Reduction ratio and final size requirement of Raymond mill. Reduction ratio is an important factor in determining whether a single mill is adequate for the final product requirements. Generally speaking, large reduction ratio and large multi-stage process provide more possibilities.
  • Principle 5: Portable or fixed. Depending on the nature of the operation, the device can be installed or portable. Generally portable devices are used for frequent movement, which can be determined by the actual production situation.

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