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3R Raymond Roller Mill Working Principle

From : clirik    Date : 2019-01-14 16:24

3r Raymond roller mill working principle and structure

Firstly, the internal structure of Raymond roller mill is generally composed of three grinding rolls and one grinding ring, and the grinding rolls are transported along the track of the grinding ring. In the main body of the Raymond roller mill machine, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through the cross-supporting shaft, the grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the blade holder, and the pressure spring is pressed on the outer end surface of the cantilever of the grinding roller bearing chamber. The cross roller shaft is used as a fulcrum to force the grinding roller to be tightly pressed on the inner surface of the grinding ring. When the motor drives the main shaft to rotate through the transmission device, the blade mounted on the blade holder rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller is ground. The inner circle rotates while rotating around its own axis.

Raymond roller mill consists of main engine, analysis machine, fan cyclone separator and complete pipeline system. The material to be processed is added to the machine from the feeding port on the side of the main machine during operation, and the three sets of grinding roller devices suspended on the plum blossom frame are revolved around the vertical axis, and at the same time rotates by itself, and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation acts. The grinding roller swings outward, pressing against the grinding ring, and the material is sent by the blade to the grinding ring and the total of the grinding roller, under the action of the grinding ring grinding roller and the impact shear roller. The grinded bulk material is crushed by the jaw crusher to reach the corresponding particle size, and then sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and evenly fed into the main machine grinding chamber through the vibrating feeder, thereby grinding the material, and the grinding powder is taken away by the fan. The analytical grade is graded, and the standard grinding is carried into the collector, and the finished product is discharged through the pipeline. If the standard is not reached, the heavy grinding machine performs secondary grinding until the standard is reached.

Usually, the bulk material is crushed to the required particle size by the jaw crusher, and the material is sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and then uniformly fed into the main machine grinding chamber through the vibrating feeder for continuous grinding, and the powder after grinding The material is taken away by the fan airflow. After being classified by the analysis machine, the fine powder conforming to the fineness enters the large cyclone collector through the pipeline, is separated and collected, and then discharged through the powder tube is the finished powder. The airflow is then drawn into the blower by the return air duct at the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The whole airflow system of the machine is closed and circulating, and it circulates under positive and negative pressure conditions.

In the grinding chamber, due to the certain moisture content of the material to be ground, the heat generated during grinding causes the gas in the grinding chamber to evaporate to change the gas flow rate, and the connection of the pipes of the whole machine is not tight, so that the outside air is sucked in, so that the circulating airflow increases, resulting in milling The machine has less powder or even blasting machine. In this regard, the new European version of the ladder mill has been equipped with explosion-proof measures on the upper part of the body to avoid accidental damage caused by the Raymond roller mill blasting machine. In this case, the balance of the airflow can be achieved by adjusting the residual air duct between the fan and the main engine, and the excess gas is introduced into the small cyclone collector, and the fine powder collected by the residual gas is collected, and finally the small cyclone collector is collected. The upper exhaust pipe is discharged into the atmosphere or introduced into the dust collector to purify the exhaust air. However, the technical requirements of the operator are relatively high, and it needs to be discovered and adjusted in time.
Raymond roller mill working principle

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