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Introduction to the working principle and structure of the roller mill

From : clirik    Date : 2019-01-14 14:26

Working principle of roller mill

Roller mill is composed of main machine, analysis machine, blower, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage hopper, jaw crusher, pipeline system, electric control cabinet and so on.

Schematic diagram of working principle:
roller mill principle

The material is crushed into less than 20mm by the jaw crusher, and is lifted to the storage hopper by the bucket elevator, and then quantitatively fed into the main cavity by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding. The four grinds supported on the plum blossom frame in the main cavity The roller device rotates around the central axis, and the grinding roller swings outward under the action of the centrifugal force, so that the grinding roller presses the grinding ring, and the grinding roller rotates around the grinding roller shaft at the same time. The material raised by the rotating blade is thrown between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and is crushed and ground by the rolling of the grinding roller. The ground powder is blown by the airflow of the blower to the analyzer above the main machine for screening. If the fineness is too thick, it will fall into the main machine and regrind. If the fineness meets the specifications, the wind will flow into the large cyclone collector, and the powder will be collected after being collected. The discharge of the tube is the finished product (the finished product can be up to 325 mesh), and the purified gas flows into the blower through the pipe at the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The air path is circulated, except for the positive pressure of the blower to the grinding chamber, and the air flow in the other pipelines Both flow under negative pressure and the indoor sanitary conditions are better. Since the moisture content of the material is evaporated into gas during the grinding, the gas leaking into the air duct at the joints of the flanges and the inlet of the pipeline causes the air volume in the circulating air passage to increase, and the increased air volume is passed through the air blower and the main engine. The residual air duct is introduced into the small cyclone collector, and the powder brought in with the residual wind is collected and discharged by another pipeline. The gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the pipeline at the upper end of the small cyclone collector, and the discharged atmosphere still contains a certain concentration of dust. If the user needs to further remove dust, an extra high efficiency dust collector is required.

Brief description of the transmission system

Features: Each organization has its own independent motor drive and transmission.

1. The host

The motor power is transmitted to the reducer through the pulley. The output torque of the reducer drives the plum blossom frame on the central shaft to rotate the circumference through the coupling. At the same time, the four grinding rollers rotate due to friction with the grinding ring and are outwardly driven by the centrifugal force. Swing the compression ring. During the rotation process, the blade intersecting the grinding roller device at the lower end of the plum blossom frame throws the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a cushion layer. The pulverization and grinding action is achieved by the rolling action of the grinding rolls.

2. Analysis machine

The speed regulating motor transmits the motion to a pair of bevel gears through the pulley, which drives the turntable and the blades to rotate, and the particles are subjected to different gravity, collision force and centrifugal force in the airflow to achieve the purpose of screening.

3. The fan

The motor drives the main shaft and the blades to move through the pulley. The gas is energized, enters the volute of the fan at high speed, and enters the return air box.

4. Hoist

The motor is decelerated by the worm wheel reducer through the pulley, and the coupling outputs the required speed, which drives the chain wheel, the chain rotation and the bucket to make vertical lifting movement. The hopper is loaded by the "draw method" and unloaded by the "centrifugal feeding method".

Raymond roller mill plant

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A host is a part of the main body except the computer that removes input and output devices. It is also the control box (container Mainframe) for the main board and other main components. It typically includes CPU, memory, hard drive, optical drive, power supply, and other I/O controllers and interfaces. In the network technology, it is a terminal device that transmits and receives information.


YGM vertical grinding roller is a new type of grinding equipment designed, developed and developed by Clirik. Its grinding roller is completely different from ball milling. It can simultaneously dry, grind and classify materials, and the process flow is simple. Compared with the ball mill roller, the floor space is small, the unit power consumption is low, the metal wear is small, the machine noise is low, the grinding efficiency is high, and the kiln exhaust gas can be utilized in a large amount. The vertical mill production capacity depends on the specifications of the vertical mill. For example, the raw material output of the 3425 mill is 185 tons/hour. (34 represents the diameter of the center of the grinding disc, 25 represents the diameter of the grinding roller) 1915 grinding its raw material yield of 45 tons / hour. (The specification of the grinding roller is the same as above.) If you need other specifications of the vertical grinding output, please provide the specifications. Sometimes there may be some errors due to the large difference in the material being ground. Raymond Mill is also known as Raymond Mill, the full name in English: Raymond mill. It is suitable for various mineral powder preparation, pulverized coal preparation, such as fine powder processing of raw materials, gypsum mine, coal and other materials. From the shape, it looks like a steel container erected, with air inlet and outlet, and a feed port in the middle. The lower part of the grinding roller drives the internal grinding rod and the grinding disc to rotate or grind the material, and the finished material is blown by the wind of the air inlet. The upper part of the grinding roller has a separator, which can separate the coarse powder and then pass through the grinding mill. The wind of the roller is taken out by the air outlet.

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