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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Bucket Elevators

From : clirik    Date : 2018-11-11 14:12

grinding production line

The bucket elevator is an important part of the grinding production line.

The bucket elevator is to transport materials by chain drive. The operation and maintenance personnel must strictly implement the operation and maintenance system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the bucket elevator.
buket elevator

1. When using, always do the lubrication work of each friction surface to ensure the normal operation of the hoist and prolong the service life. The main lubrication parts of the bucket elevator are the bearings of the transmission chain and the transmission part.


2. Each shift should check the fixing of each connecting plate, pin and hopper one by one.


3. Set up weekly to clean up the accumulated materials and debris in the tail section to prevent the hopper from being crushed.


4. Regularly tighten the tension of the drive chain, and make the tension of the two drive chains consistent.


5. If it is found that the middle channel cast slab is loose or peeled off during use, it should be cleaned immediately to avoid jamming the chain.


6. After using the bucket chain for a period of time, it will produce different degrees of wear. When the bucket chain is too loose and the hopper scrapes the bottom or the chain bypasses the spacing between the two sides of the head wheel, it should be adjusted irregularly by the tensioning device to ensure that the equipment is running under good conditions.


7. When the bucket chain is worn out for a long time, it should be replaced in time. In order to avoid the length of the two bucket chains of the hoist, the chain links of the two bucket chains must be replaced at the same time.


First open the inspection hole cover plate of the tail section, disengage the chain plate at the tail of the machine, temporarily fix the bucket chain with a wire rope, and then disengage the bucket chain, so as to prevent the bucket chain from slipping off due to disengagement. Hold the chain of the bucket with a brown rope, and set a special person to use the wooden bar to press the coupling between the motor and the reducer. Use a wire rope to hold the chain back to the empty section and pull it underneath. Then, slowly loosen the rope, gradually loosen the wire rope, and unload the remaining one chain.


8. Lubrication of rolling bearings. Use calcium-sodium based grease, such as three shifts of continuous production, and replace it every three months. When used, the cycle can be extended or shortened according to the situation.


9. When the tensioning screw is not used, it should be coated with grease and wrapped in paper to avoid falling into dust.


10. When the hoist screw is rusted and cannot be rotated, it should be replaced.


11. Always check the amount of oil in the reducer. Replace the gear unit or some of its gears. After the oil has been running for 500 hours, replace it with new oil. For long-term continuous operation of the hoist reducer, it is necessary to change the oil once every three months; if it is found that the temperature rise exceeds 60 degrees or the oil temperature exceeds 85 degrees, the oil must be replaced before use.

Daily maintenance and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the equipment and improve the overall working efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important for users to regularly maintain and maintain the equipment. If you want to know more about the equipment, welcome to contact us directly :008613917147829

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